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Handcrafted Jewelry Designer Based in NM

The inspiration for my work comes from patterns, color and texture found in nature.  Growing up in the southwestern desert has also influenced my work with its ancient history and diverse culture.  Incorporating those things that gives the natural world its inherent uniqueness and beauty, with awareness of ancient cultural patterns—I offer my own vision within the evolving creative continuum. I seek fresh expressions and bring these into my artwork through the use of metalsmithing techniques.

Using materials such as sterling silver, gold, copper, enamel and natural gemstones, each piece is entirely hand fabricated. The process includes hand-sawing, soldering, hammering, enameling, gold gilding (Keum-Boo) and gold fusion.


 I  earned a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in metalsmithing and jewelry design from New Mexico State University in 2005. Since then I have been creating jewelry in my studio and exhibiting my work in galleries and art shows.

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